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My name is Adam Wolf and I am an artist based in the Czech Republic. My work focuses on expressive abstract paintings of landscapes. If you are interested in buying paintings, please contact me directly by phone or email. I will let you know the details about availability of paintings, price and shipping. Thank you for your interest.


All paintings are painted with acrylic paint and provided with a protective varnish against fading and damage. The canvas used for each painting is high quality 100% Italian linen.

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Projective landscapes

The image of the landscape represents the illusion of the world we want to experience.

It is useless to rewrite such a landscape literally, or to try to capture it in any way.

So only the path of experience seems to be the best.

In his painting work, Adam Wolf focuses on working with images of abstract landscapes that share common elements of the real surrounding landscape. Here, images of landscapes emerge before our eyes as something familiar, and yet we can also feel a certain distance or a different dimension of experience in them. Landscapes thus serve rather as access points to an eternal source that extends beyond our abilities to contain or describe in human experience.


Contact me for more information about paintings and collaboration.

+420 774 390 358

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