Adam Wolf


Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf was born in the grey period of the early eighties in Czechoslovakia. But grey did not fill his imagination, quite the opposite. During the first years of his life he realized his strong need for creation and self-expression. So then his childhood and adolescence was strongly influenced not only by classical art from painting to photography and film, but also by the forces of nature and long periods of solitude and contemplation with minimal interference from society. In his interest, there was and still remains a wide range of areas in which he likes to focus. From learning about nature through interest in architecture and art to the art of magick and mysticism and hermeticism. Still just as curious and hungry for new areas to explore. With this life and spiritual insight, he also approaches the process of painting. He is not looking for anything specific to say. He lets the images flow and appear to speak for themselves. To have higher powers expressed as a manifestation of humility before the creative force of the universe. His unfair advantage may also be the neurodiverse connection of his brain and altered perception of reality. 

"I believe that every painting perfectly reflects a certain environment and situation, and therefore such a picture is still a current addition to every household, regardless of the development of modern technologies. Every painting has its own soul and every house needs to be filled with this type of life. So that fragile home ecosystem can grow and maintain healthy energy."


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