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The greatest happiness is in meeting friends

Dear Rodrigo and Colette,


Thank you for your invitation and the opportunity to spend pleasant moments in your company at the Chateau Dobřenice.


We have followed your wishes not to bring you any gifts, but we would like to offer you one anyway. We would like to welcome you at Adam's new Prague studio in Karlín. We can enjoy a coffee and indulge in something sweet at one of the local cafes. We'd be delighted to spend a sunny afternoon in your company. And as for the mentioned gift, you will be able to choose it directly in the studio if you pick one of the paintings. However, leaving with a sense of enjoyment from the tour alone is perfectly fine, as art can often be unpredictable.


Thank you for your warm-heartedness, and look forward seeing you soon!


Select your sunny afternoon

Ok, now it's serious. We have a date!

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